The A-Team

So I thought it would be a good idea to introduce the Archaeology team of this year (since I keep on referring to them as if you already know them).

Our team consists out of 15 students, three tutors, our two wonderful drivers (who do more than drive – the one is a celeb look alike and the other has mad sandwich skills, and they both help with excavating), and Deano and Louisa, who are the OG archaeologists on the dig. I asked each to send a summary of themselves.  Here follow the replies (in no particular order)



Reuben Booi
Lol, I am Benny and I just found myself doing Archaeology, EGS and geology. It wasn’t according to my plan or whatever. I guess life just happened and I ended up here. Nevertheless, I find all these 3 courses super amazing, I mean they are so interlinked, science is just fun. Paleoenvironments, chemical mineralogy, rocks and structure are just my thing. My heart kinda giggles at the sound of these courses though, but if you asked me 5 or 7 years ago, I was gonna say they trash.





Michael Armitage
Hi Guys, My name is Michael Armitage and I’m a third-year Bachelor of Science student at the University of Cape Town. I’m graduating with majors in both Environmental and Geographical science as well as Archaeology (A combination that seems quite common on this dig). As for next year, I intend on doing honours, which will likely be in EGS in the water resource management field.
I have been studying archaeology as I have always had a fascination with the past and hence have thoroughly enjoyed the subject ever since I picked it up in first-year.
As for other interesting facts, I’m engaged to my beautiful fiance Juliet and our wedding is scheduled for early January next year. I also enjoy devising horrific puns for which I am sure many of my classmates despise me.


Tamara Jeggels
Hi, my name is Tamara and I’m majoring in Archaeology. My other majors are Classical Studies and Religious Studies. When I started my degree I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do (even though I took a whole gap year to figure it out… Gap year for who?!). Somehow, some way the Humanities handbook opened to Archaeology and well the rest is history (get it? Lol). Two years later and I’m planning on becoming a Forensic Archaeologist and perhaps even a lecturer.


Ariella Zimbler
My name is Ariella, and I’m studying archaeology and English literature. I know, it’s a weird combo. I’m considering doing an honours in archaeology, probably in early hominin stuff, or I might brave the world as a writer and churn out some novels, obviously featuring an accurate archaeologist hero. Even if I don’t go on to do any more excavations, I feel like it will always be useful to know how to dig down six feet into the ground.


Francis Fick
EGS is my primary major but I was drawn to Archaeology out of an intrigue for what has come before, and what we can learn from the clues left behind. Though I do not plan on making a career out of it, I feel that I will carry the knowledge with me forever.






Amy Hatton
I’m terrible at making decisions so naturally chose to major in two very broad subjects, ecology & evolution, and archaeology. I’m still trying to find out what I’ll do forever (pppfft, me dramatic? Never) but Middle Stone Age archaeology is looking good at the moment. For our field school project, I’ve decided on calcrete (rocks are fun, right?) hoping to get exposure to something a bit different. My favourite activity on site is sighing loudly at the terrible puns which are going around


Leigh Nissen
“Majoring in Archaeology and Classical Studies. Saw Tomb Raider at a very young, and influential age and it’s been downhill ever since. I know all the twelve Caesars by heart, as well as all of Batman’s Robins. Classical Greek women who murder their husbands are my passion.”



Zakiya Abrahams
I’m Zakiya, or Zak for short. I’m an Environmental and Geographical Sciences, and Archeology student. I got into archaeology because I was really interested in palaeontology and dinosaur bones as a kid, but now I’m into current environments and climate change and would most probably do my honours in that. To most strangers, i may come across as mysterious and quiet but really I am hilarious and am just still upset about Dobby’s death 😦





Danika Taylor
“Hey, I’m Danika Taylor. How you doin’? I’m doing EGS and Archaeology as my majors, and I’m wanting to do my Honours in EGS next year. I’m from a small coastal town, South Coast, near Durban, so please bear with me and my grumpy moods on some of these cold winter mornings – we aren’t adapted to these conditions. My mood will lift as the sun does. But coffee helps too.
I apologise in advance if I use too many Friends references for your liking, but with the number of terrible puns flying around, I think you will all become immune to it.”




Ruan Brand
My entirety of existence (painstakingly lengthy 21 years) has always lead me to ponder existence: “Where do we come from?”
This existentialism, coupled with an unhealthy infatuation with water, has ushered me to studying towards a BSc majoring in Archaeology as well as Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences. Thus future plans involve coupling up these two majors for postgraduate studies aimed at observing paleoenvironmental coast lines.


Kamogelo Shika
‘I am currently studying a BSc in  Archaeology and EGS (environmental geographical studies). I choose to study archaeology because it provides a lot of data not just about the ancient environment but also how people affected the ancient environment. With this valuable insight of the past climate conditions and culture, as a scientist perhaps one may use historical( connections of the past ) strategies to help solve today’s global challenges of climate change. My plans for next year is to do honours in GIS. Hopefully, I can merge GIS skills in archaeology in future when at the excavation site, mapping the site and recording data.


Mabeth Crafford
I am a final year Archaeology and Linguistics student (planning on doing honours in either educational linguistics or historical archaeology). I enjoy romantic strolls through the veld, pointing at plants I know the names of and picking up interesting things – my most recent haul includes three rocks and an abalone and periwinkle shell. I also happen to be the writer of most of the blog pieces (including this one).
I am fairly clumsy and awkward, but this creates great opportunities for laughing, which is another reason why it is great to keep me about. I also have great taste in music and gin. When I am not blogging or excavating, you can find me baking or gardening (usually wearing a flower crown or amazing headscarf, with great tunes pumping in the background)

TNTaylor Niekerk
Hi my name is Taylor, but you can call me Tay for short. I am majoring in Archaeology and Anthropology. I like to do my honours in Archaeology with a little bit of Anthropological thought. For my honours, I am pulled more to faunal, human evolution and Stone Age studies. Not only do I find the scientific part of archaeology interesting and fun, I feel I should throw in some of my anthropological experience and see the cultures that have existed in our past.

GKGizelle Kotzé
I am a final year undergrad, majoring in Archaeology as well as Ecology and Evolution. First took an interesting detour through commerce to realise I was slowly draining my soul in pursuit of higher financial returns (but lower personal returns). It was certainly not time wasted though, learnt many valuable lessons and made lifelong friends I would otherwise never have encountered but I am thankful, nearly every day, that I changed over to pursue my inner explorer. Every part of me has been an archaeologist since I can remember writing my first speech about what I want to be when I grow up (I was 5). I love chilling in the sun like a dassie, sampling various beers, growing herbs and meeting amazing people to share experiences with.




Azraa Bux
Azraa is a fourth-year EGS and archaeology Student working on the micromorphology of the DFT calcretes and is in the process of creating an isotopic landscape. She enjoys long romantic walks to the fridge, and when she’s not smashing Patriarchy™ she can be found whisper-rapping to the Hamilton soundtrack or being a high impact entrepreneurial leader.



NKNadine Kocerhan
Dear humans of the internet: I’m doing my honours in archaeology – I was initially drawn to the broad world of “palaeoenvironmental reconstruction” in my third year but I am veering off that path slightly, and despite having started my postgraduate journey this year, I have no idea where this path will take me. I quite like working with long-dead specimens: their stories are still (in a poetic sense) ‘alive’ and I guess my primary goal is attempting to unpack those stories and locate them in the archaeological record. I really dig digging, I’m a bone-magnet (fossils, not men), and I can be bribed with chocolate. Oh, and I have a black belt in karate.

MMMegan Malherbe
I’m a post-graduate Archaeology student specializing in dental mesowear and hopefully going into DNA extraction next year. Field work is definitely my favourite part of what I do and I hope to be able to do it throughout my career.
I just like chocolate and The Beatles and affection and my cats.






I am still awaiting some of the people’s info and will add it as soon as I receive it. The plan is also to replace all the photos with photos from the field.

Word list

GIS: Geographic information system

OG: original


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