Day 4

27 July 2017


Day 4 of the field school, another very early morning (who needs sleep right??).

On site, we opened 5 new squares and after far too much shovelling for my liking (those roots though), we found some really cool remains!! In my square in particular (N27 E12, to be exact (0.o)) there was a bovid scapula fragment, a bovid long bone fragment, and even a teensy tiny mole rat mandible. Needless to say, my square has literally become my baby. Good luck to anyone that has to work in it…got my eyes on you (0.o).

One thing I really wasn’t prepared for was the crazy amount of ferricrete! Sometimes it even tricks you into thinking it’s a lithic or a bone, except that one time it was bone which isn’t the point here. Just when you think you’ve figured out the difference between a bone and ferricrete it tricks you. Cue me hacking at what looked like more ferricrete with a trowel, which turned out to be a large bovid long bone fragment (oops?).

The key to excavating in an open site is a wide brimmed hat to block the sun and the gaze of everyone, especially when you make mistake then it just covers the embarrassment. For example, when I first plotted something in with the Total Station I held the prism the wrong way or a good few minutes (facepalm). That was defos a learning experience lol.

There’s nothing like being on site with a bunch of people discovering exciting things. As I’m sure you probably can guess the strangest conversations come up (0.o). Somehow the conversation moved from Ross’ over-achieving in Friend’s to herpes (yes, the std..). Like who knew that many celebs had herp?! Sorry ‘allegedly’ had herp.

I can’t wait to see what strange conversations and discoveries we find tomorrow! (:


Tamara Jeggels

Word list

Ferricrete: our worst nightmare and a hard, erosion-resistant layer of sedimentary rock, usually conglomerate or breccia, that has been cemented into a duricrust by iron oxides. The iron oxide cements are derived from the oxidation of percolating solutions of iron salts.


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