Day 7

01 August 2017

So, starting the new month with a rainy day, we had to spend the day in the lab.
Today, we received bags, either from the honours class’ field trip in April or from our own field season. We had to sort the sieve finds into lithics and identifiable & nonidentifiable bone fragments. We also had to check the rest of the plotted finds, and see whether we could identify the bone parts.

This task wasn’t too demanding for me since my bag mainly consisted out of unidentifiable bones and lithics as part of the sieve finds. The plotted finds were also pretty basic (since there was only like three and they were all unidentifiable).

Other people had a harder time with more sieve finds (some of the bags were actually bulging with teensy tiny bone fragments and mini rock pieces) and difficult to identify bone fragments.
After this, I joined Zak and Taylor with sorting through separate bags of bone fragments. These bags consisted of more than 100 bone fragments, of which some were identifiable and some not. I managed to get a couple of pieces that had possible teeth or cut marks on (which, in this line of research, is pretty exciting).

The last task that we performed was putting labels in little bags. These labels have a number on them, and every time a general plotted find is shot in, it gets a number. These numbers help researchers to keep track of the object and can be used for a database.

Mabeth Crafford

Word list

Plotted finds: if you find an object that is larger than a certain size (at our site it’s 2 cm) it gets marked on the total station. This data can then be used to figure out where these objects were in relation to each other, and if you shoot in more than one mark, you can even determine the direction in which the object was pointing.


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