Day 9

03 August 2017

When the rain both happily and sadly decided to dissipate we once more head out to site.

Side note explanation of confused emotion about rain:
Sadly, because we need as much of it to fall as possible for the current water shortage being experienced in Cape Town.
The sadness has absolutely nothing to do with the confused excited-dread of returning to a what I like to think of as, the lobster-frying pan-pit should you accidently forget to apply liquid gold to your skin.
Happily, obviously because we like discovering bones from previously dead, fried and buried animals that got left in the lobster-frying pan-pit. I know that you might be thinking, why on earth would that be exciting? Well, it’s one of those rare things where you have to be there to completetly understand it.

And boy, was it an excitingly happy day! Two additional squares were opened (expansion into the unknown, whoop whoop!). Unfortunately, those new squares rendered nothing new for the day… which was a slight disappointment considering their proximity to the previous season’s discovery of a mandible and multiple ribs. Excitement was not absent though.

Our corner square (N: 6272025 E: 3261511) was experiencing the unhindered excitement of an inner mole digger. Hehe. Reuben was most excitedly digging through buckets and buckets of sediment before we all realised his excitement was carrying him off into his earlier happy childhood sandpit days. Not long after his enthusiasm was reeled, did his square manage to render a core in the NW corner… little did we know this would later lead to even more intriguing discoveries… sucks being the reader and being kept in suspense hey… 😛 You’ll just have to read tomorrow’s post as well if you want more.

Meanwhile, between all the inner mole mania, I had been quietly opening our first big find for the season (N: 6272023 E: 3261511). A giant (possible) axis vertebra on the eastern side of the square. The excitement didn’t end there though, slightly to the south of the vertebra a line of three different lithics started rearing their heads from the sediment! SOOOO COOL!! At this point, the lobster-frying pan-pit truly started looking like the butchery site we had all been hoping the pit truly was. The story was slowly revealing itself to us piece by piece, growing excitement.

Unfortunately, the day came to a rushing end (none of us realised time had flown by so fast…) and the site was closed with immense care.

P.S. Not sour…. (internal crying and crying some more with a seriously envious green face) … Francis got to shoot in my baby and work in my square the next day… Nadine most lovingly reminded me (having caught me red-handedly working with Francis on the axis) to be paying attention to my sieving duty… Never thought I would get attached to a square of dirt and some bones in it. Hehe.

But read tomorrow’s post!! SOOOO much still to happen. 😊

Gizelle Kotze


Word list:

Core: a distinctive artifact that results from the practice of lithic reduction. So basically, it’s the piece of rock from which you make your stone tools.


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