Day 10

04 August  2017

To earn that field participation mark, the excavators from the previous day were keen to get straight back to excavating as soon as we got to the site. It was sunny, mostly clear day and everyone was eager to get Friday started.

The Calrete group abandoned us for their ever-growing STP again, which is fine it only brings the Faunal and Lithic groups closer together. Ariella manned the Total Station as well as Mabeth’s camera and she was a boss at both. She also got to sing along to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, so it’s fair to say she had a great day.

Meanwhile, in the excavation pit, Nick decided to slum it with the students and excavate a square to the ruin of those around him. If his discovery of several large, significant lithics was not enough to draw the ire of the dirt-scraping third years, his discovery of a mandible (with teeth) sparked a rivalry with Ruan who had also found a mandible (without teeth). Who will win this epic duel? A rivalry unseen since the likes of Mark Antony and Octavian (citation needed).

Francis replaced Gizelle in the square next to mine and had the pleasure of removing Gizelle’s find from the previous day. There was no bitterness at all because we’re all a team and apparently archaeology involves a lot of references to communism and socialism. Taken from Karl Marx’s lesser known, ‘Digger’s Manifesto’, where we have to “Sieve the means of production”.

Deano returned, beardless and almost unrecognizable to his students. He also brought the good news that we’d be having lunch at 1:00 PM and leaving thereafter.  Gizelle, Rueben and Merwyn crushed sieve duty. The rest of the excavators, if your name wasn’t Nick or Ruan, plotted some decent finds of their own with the Chitauri sceptre with the exception of Kirsten and Taylor who were happy to tend to their affectionately named Zen gardens.

Overall it was a nice day on site, Nick liked one of Mabeth’s songs out of all the songs she played that day. The tutors, Nadine and Megan, were finally added to the whatsapp group, which I imagine they’re already regretting. There were deep discussions about archaeological finds and the implications about being the first to see an unpeeled banana followed by Kirsten straight up smashing Ruan’s banana at lunch. All in all was an important day for bananas and mandibles.

Leigh Nissen

Word list:

Chitauri sceptre: a magical artifact. The stone within the gem of the sceptre is the Mind Stone of the six Infinity Stones. It gave sentience to both Ultron and Vision. In this case, it refers to the stick on which the prism is mounted. This prism stick has many other affectionate names like ‘The Stick of Destiny’and ‘Gandalf’s Wand’.

Prism: used in conjunction with the Total Station. It is placed above a point or found object of which we need to have the specific location or height. The Total Station brings forth a laser beam, invisible to the naked eye, which is reflected by the prism and shot back. By using the time it took for the light beam to return, the total station can work out the location of the prism in relation to itself.


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